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So it's the time of the year again where everyone wants to buy, for others of course. This 'other' is a gamer, and this gamer wants games, naturally. However you already know that they don't like the AAA, or they only like a select few AAA games. So what do you get them?

Go no further for indie games are here!

Indie games are all special, but which of them is the best? If this gamer plays on Windows, Mac or Linux there is something for everyone in Indie, especially on Steam.


Limbo will set you back $9.99, €9.99 or £6.99.

Limbo is an atmospheric side scrolling puzzle game. You play as a boy who enters Limbo to find his sister. Battle spiders using your wits, dodge traps and solve puzzles. The game is simple, yet the atmosphere really pulls you in. Run and jump your way to answers, or will you just have more questions?

The Fall

The Fall will set you back $9.99, €9.99, £6.99.

The Fall is set in a mysterious environment. You start off in a cave, and find your way to a facility for the testing and destruction of faulty droids made by a company called Domesticon. The game is a side scroller with point-and-click style puzzles. You take control of an AI called ARID. ARIDs job is to save the occupant of the suit who is mortally wounded. Read my full review here.



Bastion will set you back $14.99, €14.99, £10.99.

Bastion is an action RPG. Well it has light RPG elements. You play as a character who is only ever called The Boy. You fight your way through a world which has just suffered a catastrophic event called the Calamity, you must also find the secrets of the Calamity. Bastion also features a one of a kind narrator. He will narrate every action you take, reacting to what you do. And just look at the art style, gorgeous right?


Transistor will set you back $19.99, €18.99, £14.99.

Transistor is a sci-fi action game, with light RPG elements. It is by the same guys who brought you Bastion (which is also on this list). And the similarities to Bastion it has are in the narrator. Transistor however has a combat system which merges real time, and turn based.

You play as Red, a singer who has lost her voice. You stumble across a magical talking sword, called the Transistor. Finding previous owners of the sword grants you the ability to use different Functions, which can be chained in combat to change how each Functions reacts.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will set you back $14.99, €14.99, £10.99.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth lets you die a lot. You play as Isaac who has escaped death by the hands of his mother, she wants to kill her son as God has demanded a sacrifice. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has Rogue-like elements, which means death is permanent. The levels are randomly generated. You fight deranged enemies, Isaac's fears, family members and finally Isaac's own mother. The art style and the content of the game contradict each other, due to the art style being very cartoonish but there being a lot of gore. It has a lot of very dark humor, but it's all done tastefully.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program will set you back $29.99, €29.99, £22.99.

Kerbal Space Program is a space simulation game where you fly characters called Kerbins off an Earth like planet called Kerbin. But that is not all, start your own space company. Launch your own space ships, which you have designed yourself. I say launch, it will be crash or explode, to start with. You can also set up your own orbits, collect science points, and use them to research new and amazing toys to explode your space ships with. This game is in Early Access which means it is not fully out, and is undergoing constant improvements, see the steam page for details.



Terraria will set you back $9.99, €9.99, £6.99.

Terraria is a 2D side scrolling building, exploration, digging and combat game. Run through the game mining, fighting and building. You might want to go to the deepest darkest parts of the world to find some special items, or you may want to simply build a massive house, or a small town. Be creative or destructive, the choice is yours.


Starbound will set you back $14.99, €14.99, £11.99.

Starbound is similar to Terraria however with some fundamental differences it's sci-fi for one. It also supports drop in and drop out co-op, making playing with friends a breeze. Also there are multiple planets for you to explore, as well as your own home planet and own Starship. Both your home planet Spacecraft can be decorated and customised. Starbound is a great game in the same way Terraria is but it just keeps getting better due to it being in Early Access, so again see the Steam page for details.


Next Car Game: Wreckfest

Next Car Game: Wreckfest will set you back $29.99, €23.99, £19.99.

Next Car Game: Wreckfest is a game all about aggressive driving. This means crashing into other cars to give yourself the advantage. In Wreckfest there are no rules, only the ones you set yourself. With an amazing damage system, where every scrape to massive pileup is reflected on your car. And really good handling mechanics which free real enough but are still very forgiving. Wreckfest is a developed by the guys behind the FlatOut series, Bugbear Entertainment and their skill is onces again shown in this game. This is in Early Access also, meaning the game, as good as it is now, will only get better. Like with all other Early Access games, check the Steam page first.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy will set you back $14.99, €13.99, £10.99.

Super Meat Boy is a game where you play as a piece of meat. Yes you read that correctly. The game is inspired by Mario, apparently. Well in the way that it's a platformer which you have to dodge traps. One of the games best features is the ability to see all of the times you failed in a when you finish a level. Be warned it is VERY hard!

Interstellar Marines

Interstellar Marines will set you back $18.99, €16.99, £13.99.

Interstellar Marines is a tactical FPS, it will have a full story campaign down the line, as it's in Early Access. But the content is has is well worth the price of admission. The developers, Zero Point Software, love to call this a AAA Indie game. This means it has good graphics and is built to a high quality, and this is reflected in the game. There is a recent addition in the form of a co-op mode, which is fantastic. The goal of the game is to offer a fully story driven tactical FPS experience, with co-op and competitive online play. The game first started as competitive only, so that the server systems and netcode could be built to a high standard and have low ping no matter where you are. And this is exactly what the game delivers. Once again for all Early Access games, please read the Steam page before purchasing.

Published Nov. 11th 2014

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