HITMAN Beta release date & details confirmed

The HITMAN beta will be available to players who pre-ordered on PlayStation and PC starting February 12th and 19th, respectively.

The HITMAN series is extremely popular among PlayStation and PC fans. Luckily for those fans, details of the beta, including the release date were confirmed via PlayStation Experience 2015. 

The HITMAN beta will be available on February 12th for PlayStation 4 players. Unfortunately, PC guys will have to wait until February 19th to get their hands on it. 

Xbox One beta access has yet to be announced.

Players are advised to pre-order the game to have their access "guaranteed". There's no word yet on a public beta.

From the short teaser trailer above, the in-game footage reveals that the beta will be focusing on the origins of Agent 47, his partnership with handler Diana Burnwood, and his recruitment into the notorious ICA. Set twenty years into the past at a "classified facility", there's no telling what the mission will have players do.

PlayStation.Blog assures followers that the HITMAN beta is an event that long time fans will not want to miss as it will demystify the series' protagonist. The HITMAN beta will also be a great starting point for players new to the series, being an origin story and all. 

This will be a moment of huge interest to fans of the series and the perfect starting point for newcomers to the game.

-PlayStation.Blog on the HITMAN beta

The long awaited Square Enix/IO-Interactive release hits store shelves on March 11th and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 


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Published Dec. 7th 2015

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