Canada Announced for Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

Canada, led by Wilfred Laurier, is the newest civilization being added in the game's upcoming expansion, Gathering Storm.

Last month, Fraxis announced Gathering Storm, the newest expansion for Civilization 6. Though the expansion is not scheduled to be released until February 14, several of the new civilizations that will become playable in the new expansion. The most recent civilization that has been confirmed to be a part of Gathering Storm is Canada. 

Canada's unique abilities focus around culture and diplomacy. Canada is unable to declare war on City-States or declare a surprise war on other civilizations. They are also unable to have a surprise war declared on them, making them the perfect civilization for someone looking to have a more peaceful game. They also gain bonuses to global events such as Emergencies and the World Games, making Canada ideal for the new Diplomacy victory being added in Gathering Storm

The unique unite being given to Canada is the Mountie. Not only is the Mountie a powerful Calvary unit, it also has the ability to construct National Parks. Similarly, the unique building for Canada is the Ice Hockey Rink, which provides culture and tourism. Both the Mountie and Ice Hockey Rink are effective late-game tools for players aiming for a Cultural victory. 

Wilfred Laurier, Canada's seventh Prime Minister, is the historical figure that has been chosen to lead Canada in Civilization 6. He is known for expanding the borders of Canada, and this is reflected in the special abilities that Canada receives with him as their leader.

Unlike other civs, Canada may build farms on Tundra tiles. Furthermore, Tundra tiles are cheaper to purchase and give double the amount of extracted resources. This allows Canada to make use of cold regions that other civilizations struggle in. 

Canada fits into a very niche play style, focusing more on diplomacy than warfare. It is also interesting to see a Civilization that will be able to thrive in territories that others find useless. Overall, Canada looks to be an incredibly unique addition to Civilization 6: Gathering Storm. We'll finally get to take Canada for a ride February 11, 2019.


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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