6 (More) YouTube Video Game Entertainers That Are More Than Just Reviewers

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The YouTube gaming space is an interesting place. There are plenty of quality entertainers in the form of let's-players, speedrunners, reviewers, and so on.

But as with any other competitive entertainment platform, there are so many popular YouTubers and commentators that some of the more interesting ones covering niche markets sometimes just fall through the cracks. Some would call these personalities "underrated," but really, they're more "underappreciated." 

So to call attention to some of those diamonds in the rough, we did a list just like this a while back, and we felt it was about time to do a follow-up. It's time to shine a greater spotlight on the supporting cast of this online community -- and those that are just as important as the big names in the business.

Let's meet the contenders!

NOTE: Some sections of this list are NSFW.

Published May. 17th 2017

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