An Amazing Pac-Man Remake!

If you played Pac-Man as a kid then you are going to love the Pac-Man remake!

The 2010 Pac-Man remake Pac-Man championship Edition DX+ come out September 25 for Windows 8, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

I loved and hated Pac-Man as a child, but this remake seems like it will be able to keep my attention with, hopefully, very little frustration. Pac-Man CE DX+ is a game I know my family would love to play.

Whats Different About This Pac-Man?

Last month the update was leaked on the games Steam Page showing the games light enhancements, challenges and leaderboard support. This update will add three reskins, four new maps and two pieces of background music.

In this new version of Pac-Man the game does not start out with dots all over the place but they appear as you eat them. You have new abilities, like putting ghosts asleep, that make the remake really cool.

This Pac-Man game is something I am sure will bring me joy and frustration, since I have never been very good at Pac-Man, but I will be buying it with all the other Pac-Man fans!


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Published Sep. 20th 2013

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