Why Sunset Overdrive Deserves More Hype Than it's Getting

Forget all those big established franchises; there are plenty of reasons to want Sunset Overdrive even more.

I'm well aware that the established IPs get all the attention.

Sure, a lot of people want the new Halo and the new Uncharted. But if you're interested in supporting new IPs, and you'd like a fresh take on the open-world sandbox formula (which is starting to feel a little "been there, done that"),  you need to be more hyped about Sunset Overdrive.

Of all the new games scheduled for this generation, I think Insomniac's new title might top my "most anticipated" list. I'm not saying it'll be the best game ever made, but I am saying it has a huge amount of potential, and it might end up feeling fresher and more dynamic than anything else out there.

A more streamlined, more immersive inFamous...?

I love inFamous. However, I will be the first to admit that Sucker Punch could've done more with Second Son, which, while still a blast to play, was lacking a little extra next-gen "oomph." When I look at footage of Sunset Overdrive, I see things Sucker Punch could've done (or might do, in future inFamous entries), as Insomniac is stretching the mechanical boundaries.

It's not just about climbing walls or flying around, as you can often do in the inFamous games; it's about speed and momentum. It's about combining the velocity of your travel with the deadliness of your attacks, and I honestly don't think any developer has tried this before. If you watch the available media, you're seeing a streamlined, ceaselessly entertaining style of gameplay that should keep us riveted for hours.

We've seen a lot of open-world games and we're going to see a lot more. But I can't point to anything that looks quite so promising - or quite so wonderfully madcap - as Sunset Overdrive.

Let's not forget: This is Insomniac

Maybe Xbox fans don't put enough weight on the developer's name, just because Insomniac Games sided with Sony for several generations. But we should never forget that this is the same imaginative, immensely talented team that gave us Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, two franchises for which I have tremendous love and respect. Insomniac really doesn't make any bad games (besides the somewhat lackluster Fuse) and when it comes to creative, colorful gameplay, these guys are champs.

If I were to entrust a new IP - and an exclusive one at that - to a developer, there are only a few teams I'd choose, and Insomniac would definitely be one of them. Now, they may not have had the best sales success with Resistance, but that's really not their fault. The critics responded but the gamers didn't and sometimes, that happens. Insomniac remains an elite design team, and one that deserves our attention.

Hey, a little color! Nice!

Has anyone else noticed that video games have gotten awfully drab and foreboding? Some of the biggest titles in recent memory have been decidedly dark and even twisted, and we're even hearing that Uncharted 4 will be darker than previous entries. You know, there was a time when video games had a lot more cheerful color and lighthearted pizzazz. We lost some of that when the industry started to mature, and the bigger productions focused on catering to an older audience.

And that's fine, but it's almost like we're starting to equate color with "kiddie" and that's just depressing. What's wrong with a little brightness? Since when are vibrant hues restricted to children? Yeah, there's some shooting and violence in Sunset Overdrive; doesn't mean it has to be dark and gritty. The difference in atmospheric style is one of the reasons why I think I'll love Insomniac's new game.

A little color, a lot of fluid, engaging, dynamic movement, a huge amount of promise and potential...that's Sunset Overdrive, in my estimation.

Published May. 24th 2014
  • zoLo567
    Senior Intern
    As big of a PlayStation fan that I am, I have to say that this game looks pretty good. I love Insomniac, and it has so much of their flare. Might just want a Xbox One
  • Ryumoau
    I'm not too hyped for it, simply because its being wasted on the xbox one. If it was on ps4 i would care more.
  • Denverdiod
    Hype equals Marketing ✖ PR.

    Go to the movies or rent a DVD, and you'll see trailers for movies 6 months out too.

    Keep people talking, tweeting and Facebooking about it enough to break even even if it is a POS.

    I agree with the Titanfall being overhyped. But again, MS had to push it as an exclusive to sell games and systems.

    Titanfall is amazing and could have been a game changer if there was a back story offline mode. Why am I fighting and why do I care? Respawn needs an non- multiplayer story mode free dlc.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Respawn wanted the multiplayer crowd, and that crowd doesn't care about story. So, they figured they could just get away without an offline mode...they were partially right.
  • Jato24_0117
    Fathoms, great article. I enjoyed reading this, and you make some great points. This is a game to be excited for after seeing the gameplay, and adding the fact that Insomniac is the developer brings more promise. It has that over the top Saturday morning cartoon vibe with a mature tone. Bright vibrant colors gives it a very appealing feel good look. Fast pace open world with seamless combat on the fly. Big boss fights. Insomniac flavor infused weapons. I'm confident they'll deliver a compelling story as they usually do. This game is unique in many different ways which is what you want to see in new IP's. Just looks flat out fun imo. This game has definitely caught my attention.
  • Ra3030
    Why does any game "deserve" hype before it's ever released? New IP or not no game deserves hype till it's released into the wild and if it's a good or a great game then the hype will surely come as will the game sells. How about we make a new rule that we never make the same mistake that was made with TitanFall and never hype anything until it's released. TitanFall a game that had non stop hype daily for 9 months with gaming sites and console makers and paid gamer shills telling us all that TitanFall would change everything and it would be the Call of Duty killer and be the greatest game ever and then TitanFall released and it was none of those things. Hype is no more than BS until a game is released and the people that paid good money for said game can judge for themselves and hype if they feel the need other than that a gaming site or a console maker or paid shill that's telling us how great something is going to be is all BS and they are trying to sell us something that's not good enough to sell itself. IMO.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    "Why does any game "deserve" hype before it's ever released?"

    Uh......you really need to look up the definition of "hype."
  • Ra3030
    "you really need to look up the definition of "hype."

    a deception carried out for the sake of publicity.

    That's the definition of hype. Or in other words hype is all BS. I'm saying let's hold of on the hype till games are released.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Yes, and hype is typically understood to be generated before something arrives. That's the entire purpose of the hype.

    And saying it's all BS is beyond stupid. The gameplay footage we see is real, the information provided to the public via press releases is real, etc. The idea that it's all false or exaggerated and then everything changes when the game comes out...? Yeah, sorry, that's just ludicrous.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    100% agree. The fact that this game is actually willing to go all out with a super energetic color palette is way more of a draw for me than I would've thought.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Me too. I really think the colorful vibe is one of the reasons why the game isn't getting as much as attention as it should. Guess we've started to associate "dark" with "quality" and "colorful" with "kiddie and immature."

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