Didn't Get a Sprint Pokemon Badge? Show Off With This Trainer Merch Instead!

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Pokemon Go! Bracelet 

Price: $34.99

If you want to truly show your love for Pokemon Go specifically, consider picking up these PGO bracelets. This bracelet can connect with the app via Bluetooth, and allows you to play the game even when the app isn't active on your phone. 

When you come near a Pokemon, the button in the middle of the bracelet will glow. And when you press it, the watch will try to catch the Pokemon. You won't be able to do any spinning Pokeball tricks, but you will be able to discreetly catch 'em all without gluing your face to your phone. 

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Did you get one of the exclusive trainer badges from the Sprint promotion? Or would you rather show off your love for the franchise with pieces of Pokemon merchandise like the one's we've collected in this list? Got any other suggestions for products that weren't included in this list? Let us know down in the comments!

Published Aug. 23rd 2017

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