Bioshock Collection Resurfaces Again

Collection rumored to be coming to Xbox One, according to ratings site.

New information has come to light that may point to a Bioshock collection coming to current-gen consoles -- specifically Xbox One.

XBLA watchdog and Twitter user lifelower found a listing for the game, titled Bioshock: The Collection, on a Taiwanese game ratings website.

This isn't the first time we've heard news of a possible Bioshock collection for current-gen. Back in September 2015, South African site Raru published a listing for the game, but had to take it down soon after. The expected release date on the listing was November 2015, but 2K refused to comment on the situation.

However, while Raru stated the game would be on all current-gen consoles, the listing lifelower found states the game will only be released on Xbox One.

What exactly will be in Bioshock: The Collection?  One can safely assume all three games, considering the (rumored) box art shows off both key Bioshock locations -- Rapture and Columbia. All DLC released with each game will likely be included as well, similar to most remasters released today. 2K, will you kindly do us a favor and officially announce this game?


Published Mar. 17th 2016

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