Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC: How to Play without Connecting to the Xenoverse Server

Steam players can get around Xenoverse's server issues by going offline.

If you've been sitting there at the "Connecting to XENOVERSE servers" screen on PC with no relief, there is a way to get around that issue that puts you in offline singleplayer instead of needing to connect to the servers.

This only works on the Steam version of the game, unfortunately, but it does work. The downside is you will not be able to interact with other players. The upside is that you can still play the game, albeit by yourself. It's better than nothing!

In order to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse without going through the servers, you need to set Steam to offline. You can do this via the menu at the top of the Steam client like so:

From here, it will relaunch Steam. You will not be able to see your friends online,  but you can play Xenoverse without any connection issues. You should close the game before setting Steam itself to Offline Mode.

When you want to reconnect to Steam's servers, simply click on 'Steam' on the top of the client and click 'Go Online'.

Hopefully this helps my fellow Dragon Ball Xenoverse players on Steam avoid getting stuck in the connect screen and actually play the game.

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Published Feb. 28th 2015
  • maquiavelus
    The method i use is better, since it let you play online coop and invite Steam friends.

    I just unplug my lan cable as soon as i started the game and reconnect upon toki toki city is loaded, once the internet conection restores i can play w/ no problem even online coop

    Try it !!
  • NemesisGOB
    Thank You!! Those servers are REKT!!

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