Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia Map: How to Find It in the Sunken Ship

Wondering how to find the Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia map? This quick walkthrough guide leads you right to it.

Green Hell: The Spirits of Amazonia is finally out. The new update for Creepy Jar's Green-Inferno-esque survival game includes a brand new area, a new tribe, and an exciting new storyline. But getting through the new area without an actual map would be really hard, so follow this guide on how to find The Spirits of Amazonia map.

The new Green Hell area is actually quite large, and although you could obviously play the game without the map, it is highly advisable to get it as early as possible to make your walkthrough much easier.

How to Find Spirits of Amazonia Map in Green Hell

The new DLC begins on a shore near a moored boat. Of course, you won't start out with the map. So, head east. 

Your destination is a half-sunken ship in the southeastern swamps, indicated by the red marker on the map above, or by these coordinates: 36W, 42S. Make your way through the little islands and dive right under the sunken part of the ship.

Swim through the breach in the bottom of the ship, and go into the first level that contains the first chest with:

  • 1x Obsidian Stone
  • 1x Bone

Then, go up. You will quickly encounter the second chest with:

  • 1x Obsidian Bone Blade

Use the crates further up to climb up the deck and enter the cabin with another chest containing:

  • 1x Old Map

This is the map you're looking for, which shows the new Spirits of Amazonia area with all the main points of interest. Now you can find all the villages of the Amazonia tribe and earn their respect by completing their requests.

That's all you need to know on how to find the Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia map. For more Green Hell tips and tricks articles, consider visiting our dedicated hub page via the link.


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Published Feb. 4th 2021

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