New PS Vita or Old PS Vita?

The new PS Vita or the Old PS Vita, that is the question!

Lets compare the old PS Vita and the New PS Vita.

The new PS Vita will be available in six different colors in Japan on October 10th for $190, but sadly it is not likely it will release in the US. The new PS Vita is 20 percent thinner, 15 percent lighter, has better battery life, replaced its OLED screen with a LCD screen and has modest internal storage. The screen is bigger and it is also cheaper than the old PS Vita. The old PS Vita however, does not have internal storage and when it first came out and it burned holes in a lot of wallets.

If you base your decision on a more physical point of view then the new PS Vita looks more appealing. It is thinner and wider than the old PS Vita which will appeal to the gamers who don't like having to look at a smaller screen. Although the new LCD screen of the new PS Vita shows the game in a less sharp picture. If you like a sharper image then you might want to consider the old PS Vita. 

Old PS Vita on top, New PS Vita on bottom

We have seen a similar approach of upgrading hand-held systems with Nintendo. They created the 3DS and then the 3DS XL. Sony has done the same by creating the PS Vita and then creating a new one that was thinner and lighter but bigger.

Which would you choose, new Vita or old Vita?


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Published Sep. 11th 2013
  • Pedro_6318
    The old one looks much more appealing to me, tha´s only my personal point of view, the new psvita is thinner but, it looks too sheep *; good things about this version is that the battery durability is longer than the old one, also what pulls me for this product is of course the internal gaming storage, overall it´s not that bad, but i choose to keep the original vita
  • Carlton D Stokes
    are you serious wow i just have to remember who were dealing with here you just have to grin it and bare it . This is just and out right injustice i have been robbed with the PS VITA know they go and do this amazing and lost for words.

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