Update: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Getting Two New Monsters Soon

The console version of Monster Hunter World is getting Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios soon, and PC isn't far behind.

Update: Capcom has now revealed that Raging Brachydios and Furios Rajang will be coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceboren on March 23 for consoles. However, the developer did not confirm an exact release date for PC. Currently, it is still slated for an April release. 

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Your trials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne aren't over just yet. Next month PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to take on Raging Brachydios and Furios Rajang in the game's next big content update.

Both monsters promise to bring some hefty challenge to the ranks of Iceborne, which already pushes Monster Hunter World's hunters to their limits.

Though the trailer shows little of Furious Rajang, it looks seriously pissed off and ready to slap you to the ground. We see a lot more of Raging Brachydios, which appears to put hunters' dodging and telegraphing abilities through the gauntlet to dodge its wide-range lava attacks.

Don't be discouraged if you're playing on PC and don't want to wait to take these two monsters to task PC Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players will be able to fight these two monsters when the update launches in April for Steam and March for consoles.

That's not the best news, though: once this update hits PC, both versions of the game will be updated simultaneously. PC MHW players will no longer have to wait months to play content that console players have had access to for months. We knew it was coming, and it's a relief it's so soon after Iceborne's PC launch.

Looking for tips on how to take on Iceborne's tougher enemies, such as Rajang? Be sure to head over to our list of Iceborne guides, as well as our huge list of guides for the base game

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Published Mar. 2nd 2020

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