New Trailer & Gameplay Video for Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive - coming out in October for the XBox One - looks like an open-world, monster apocalypse parody game on crack, but is sure to satisfy!

Insomniac Games has done it again...

The same wonderful group of geniuses who brought us Spyro The Dragon have finally blessed the gaming community with Sunset Overdrive! This past holiday weekend, Insomniac Games announced on their official website that they would be gracing the RTX stage with their presence - and they'd be bringing along Sunset Overdrive. The first two-minute cut scene of the single-player campaign looked absolutely stunning! It gave viewers a little more background about why there are monsters running around everywhere. Apparently, some company called FizzCo made some energy drink or soda called OverCharge Delirium XT (which sounds fishy to begin with) that ended up turning most (if not all) of Sunset City's residents into giant, soda spewing monsters! And the worst part of it is...the effects aren't reversible. What a creepy play on energy drinks and soda!


It seems like a funny take on an otherwise grim concept of survival horror amidst a monster apocalypse (so used to saying zombie apocalypse...). From the looks of the trailer, Sunset City is a bustling tech-savvy metropolis filled with people who are simply looking for a good time! And what better way to do that than with a new drink?!

The key things to take away from the gameplay video are:

  1. "Keep Sunset City weird." That's easy, considering the endless supply of monsters, the colorful, nonsensical action aspect of the game, and the endless wonder of hwo the issue will be resolved, if at all. 
  2. "The city is a playground." Yes, everything is a helpful tool ready for use in the epic battle that is Sunset Overdrive!
  3. Weapons-wise, there's a "crazy theme and unique functionality in the arsenal." In order to take down monsters in a way that only Insomniac Games can deliver, a vast array of interesting (perhaps strange), functional bringers-of-death are required.

The fun begins late October on the Xbox One!


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Published Jul. 14th 2014

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