Rainbow Six Siege's first DLC Operation Black Ice details

The first season DLC, Operation Black Ice is coming early February with two new operators , weapons, and more.

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege has teased pictures of its two new operators coming in the first season DLC, called Operation Black Ice.  

Courtesy of the game's subreddit, the images shows Frost and Buck.They both come from the Joint Task Force 2 counter-terrorism unit and sport new weapons like a Super 90 shotgun, 9mm C1 sub-machine gun, the C8- SFW assault rifle and the CAMRS marksman rifle. Buck is armed with an under-barrel shotgun attachment, and Frost comes with mechanical traps to incapacitate enemies. 

Speculation due to a leaked trailer earlier this month (which is private on YouTube at the time of this article) suggests that the map will be set on a yacht that is covered in ice and frozen in location. 

Operation Black Ice is the first in four planned DLCs for Rainbow Six Siege. Each DLC will include one new map, two new operators, new cosmetics, and new game modes. All DLC content can be unlocked using real world cash or in-game currency. 

There is a $30 season pass that will grant access to the DLC characters as they are released, with a total of eight planned for this year. 

Operation Black Ice will be available on February 2nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 


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Published Jan. 21st 2016

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