How to Find Bandits Treasure Chamber in Black Desert Online

Find out how to locate the Bandits Treasure Chamber in this guide to Black Desert Online.

There are many hidden locations in Black Desert Online, but one particular place seems bugged and many players can’t find their way to the Bandits Treasure Chamber. It contains a reward that is necessary to complete the Serendia Adventurer Journal IV -- the knowledge of Luxurious Treasure Chamber.

When you approach Etunar, an NPC gives you the quest to assassinate Biraghi Den Keeper and the game throws you a completely odd place that has nothing to do with the given quest. This guide will help you find Biraghi and the elusive treasure chamber.

Locating the Bandits Treasure Chamber in Black Desert Online

Step 1: Complete "In Search of the Missing Soldier" Quest

Before you can approach Etunar for the Bandits Treasure Chamber quest, you must finish the "Bandit Extermination" and "In Search of the Missing Soldier" quest chain. Both quests will require you to find and fight a bunch of bandits lead by Biraghi.

These quests will be suggested to you by Black Spirit before you talk to Etunar in Calpheon.

Step 2: Locate the Biraghi Den

After you spawn in a random place, you need to go back to the Biraghi Den that is located between the Calpheon and Heidel City. This area is well hidden, so find the Delpa Knight castle on the map and go over the river to the north. You will find a small fortification in the forest.

Outside of the fortification, there is a Bandits well that has a ladder attached to it. Using this ladder will lead you down into the treasure chamber.

Step 3: Claim Luxurious Treasure Chamber

At the bottom of the well, you will need to fight a few monsters. They’re nothing to worry about and you should deal with them rather quickly.

There is a chest against the wall directly opposite of the entrance. Open the chest and you will get a reward of 80 Silver and the knowledge of Luxurious Treasure Chamber.

That is all for the Bandits Treasure Chamber quest. If you’re looking for other Black Desert Online guides, check them out below:


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Published May. 31st 2017

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