Minecraft Guide: How to Get Emerald Chickens in Sky Factory 3

Breeding an emerald chicken in Sky Factory 3 can be harder than it sounds. Let us guide you through it.

If you've been playing around with the Sky Factory 3 mod pack for Minecraft (or even just the Chickens mod by itself), then you've probably found yourself trying to figure out how to breed emerald chickens.

In addition to producing the emeralds necessary for crafting things like shipping crates and powered spawners in SF3, emerald chickens can also be bred with cactus green chickens to produce free EXP. 

Unfortunately, you prospective emerald farmers out there are going to have to jump through a few genetic hoops before your emerald chickens can come into this world. Check out this breeding chart for the Minecraft Chicken mod's emerald chicken: 

As you can see, it will take a few generations of breeding before you can get your Minecraft emerald chicken. And while most of the parent chickens should be easy enough to obtain, many players have trouble finding the quartz chicken.

Getting the quartz chicken in Minecraft's SF3 mod pack requires you to actually go into the Nether, build your way up to one of the fortresses, and survive long enough for a quartz chicken to spawn so that you can catch it in your net. (Good luck with that.)

Once this is done, however, you should have no problems following the above chart and breeding your very own emerald chicken. Enjoy your effectively endless supply of emeralds and XP!

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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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