Top 10 GW2 Fashion Finalists: Opinions of a Finalist

I'm Guades, slide 8 of 11 in the Top 10 Slideshow of the "Best Overall" category and here I'll write down my own personal Top 9 and my opinions on all the outfits. Obviously I won't include myself (Top 9). If anyone's confused about how to vote just leave a comment with your favorite on the Slideshow page (linked in source)


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Published Feb. 1st 2018
  • oceana_6292
    Sry to say the truth but it's Ugly... (all of them) No creativity. Nothing special.
  • Marty_5317
    how can i join this top 10 cuz i think i would be in the top 3.
  • Guades
    The contest is over and has been for a few months now, I'm sure you can find the results on here somewhere but I won't spoil the surprise ;).
  • kitten konekochan
    I feel enthused (can't think of another word to better fit) that you chose my character as a top 3. I prefer the darker, subtle colors because I didn't want to be noticed let alone be all showy and skills do that for me :) As for the outfit, I always loved the hood and there wasn't any chest piece that fit well with it unless it was the same thing (hence, the same pieces). The gloves went along that same story path. As for the pants....I wanted to be a bit more practical. I mean, if I was fighting out there, I would not want to be wearing a skirt. Pants ftw! That, and the whole mid drift showing off with the chest piece reminds me of a belly dancer or something ethnic like that. The boots are pretty much non existent due to the pants but they definitely keep the overall look of an ethnic outfit. Thank you again! And your character looks absolutely amazing as well ^_^
  • kiba_9931
    Thanks, Guades! I'm truly flattered to be in your top picks. I sort of wished I had taken a standard set of screenshots for all 7 or 8 of the custom sets(most with 6/6 coming from different origins) for comparison's sake, but this is definitely my favorite look.

    It must be said, however, that my favorite is Atlas' entry.

    A guildmate of mine noticed that some of the entries where shopped in minor detail so I have a modicum of respect for any contestants that did not. KUDOS to raw shots!

    For anyone interested, you can use the -bmp command in the target line of your gw2 shortcut to take lossless shots, which come out at much higher quality!
  • Krayn_7567
    lossless shots! Awesome i'll have to use that next time. But thank you for your support Kiba, your Guardian makes me want to re-roll my Norn to a human :)

    I'd love to see what she looked like with a sword and shield! Namely the rapier! That being said you rock those legionaries!
  • Krayn_7567
    I appreciate and really enjoy reading your opinions on the finalists here! I will admit I knew that the description of "nod to steampunk" would have people looking at my boots funny but I actually chose them specifically for reasons i'll explain below. All I was going for was indeed a "nod" but not a Steampunk feel entirely.

    On my page I state "Before the arrival of the Anet steampunk (Aetherblade) gemstore armor, I wanted to create as close to a steampunk Engineer as possible." And then go on to explain how I was influenced by how I believe the world of Tyrian alchemy and Machining to be.

    In my own opinion, there has yet to be a truly faithful representation of steampunk within GW2 (not even the sky pirates), and I wanted to create a character that was totally immersed in what the reality of the GW2 universe.

    Atlas is not Steampunk, she is not an engineer, she is an Alchemist, inspired by both!

    Again Thank you for putting in the time and effort into this post!

    As a side note, Your character actually made me stop scrolling through the slide show and go "oh... wow". Great job, very royal looking, king at war almost actually.

    Best of luck! :)
  • chiuna
    While I disagree with your picks for the top 3, I very much respect the amount of effort that your top two choices put into their looks.

    I think your own look is far better than any of these three you selected though! Good luck in the final round!
  • shdowmyst
    I have to agree with you on the first two, the first one is my personal favorite as well, way to make heavy armor look a lot less heavy, very creative selection. The second one is pure class, with very well selected colors and screenshots.
    However the 3rd one feels too dark and generic for me, but its all personal taste. Nice post overall.

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