Elder Scrolls Online Skyshard Locations - Bleakrock Isle

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by Synzer

There are Skyshards scattered all over the world in Elder Scrolls OnlineSkyshards provide additional skill points than just getting them from leveling up. Every 3 Skyshards gives 1 skill point.

Bleakrock Isle is in the Ebonheart Pact and optional after completing the tutorial. You get there by accepting a quest to help out right after completing the tutorial. Each slide will show the location in the world and I'll explain how to get there.

This slide shows each Skyshard location on the map so you know the general area to head to. Green is Hozzin's Folly, red is Orkey's Hollow, and blue is Skyshroud Barrow.

For more skyshard locations and guides, check out the ESO team directory.

Published Mar. 30th 2014

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