Add some personality to your PlayStation 4

Think your ps4 looks a bit too boring? Here's a solution!

If you're like me you probably bought the PlayStation 4 early on and are now kicking yourself for not being able to justify buying any of the new themed PS4's out there.

Well, if you're unhappy with how boring your console looks, Sony is giving you the option of slapping some color on and breathing new life into it with new, colorful, interchangeable faceplates. 

Colors include Neon Orange, Aqua Blue and Glacier White (offered worldwide) along with Silver and Gold which will be available exclusively in Europe. Oh, and Neon Orange will not be available in Scandinavia. Sorry!

The faceplates will be available beginning November 19th, when it will cost you $20 to give your console some style points. They're pretty easy to install as well, simply slide the HDD cover off and replace it with the new one. 

Personally, I'll stick with my standard issue PlayStation 4 for least until I move to another place where I don't have to hide my console in a cupboard. 


Probably one of the last remaining human beings on this planet playing Titanfall.

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Published Oct. 25th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I like them, won't be using them. But always nice to have some customisability beyond stickers, for consoles. As I'm a PC gamer who loves too many console exclusive games I own as many things as I can (which I can justify to myself, sorry Nintendo... your fun but not my types of games, however doesn't stop me from respecting the s**t out of Nintendo!! Love em!)

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