10 3DS games you should not go without

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

For those unfamiliar with Smash, it is a fighting game that throws together characters from different Nintendo universes, as well as a few from other companies' franchises such as SEGA's SonicSmash also incorporates a great deal of items, including the Smash Ball, that can change the entire pace of the game. Items flying everywhere and gravity-defying physics make for a certain degree of hilarity.

The sheer chaos that often ensues during a 4-player stock fight (that does not even consider how chaotic it could be with 8 players) is not only amusing but also allows for replayability, as you are rarely going to have the same experience twice.

This new version adds a few new characters, stages, and items, as well as cartridge-specific trophies. There are also a few DLC characters, as well as character customization. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS also introduces Smash Run, in which you travel a maze and collect power-ups for a free for all battle ahead.

Overall, it is something worth having around even if you are just playing solo against the game itself.

Published Jun. 19th 2015

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