A Link Between Worlds Death Mountain and Tower of Hera Guide

Your guide to Death Mountain and the Tower of Hera in A Link Between Worlds.

You have just completed the Eastern Palace and are on your way to the Tower of Hera in your play through of  A Link Between Worlds. Before getting to the Tower, however, you have got to make your way up Death Mountain. Don't stress it, I'm covering both in this guide.

A Link Between Worlds Death Mountain Overview
  • Get the bell from Irene (allows you to travel between weather vanes) north of Kakariko Village by the Fortune Teller's hut
  • Find Rosso's house and receive the Power Glove from him by talking to him twice (one screen left of Sanctuary, two screens up)
  • Go to the cave one screen under Rosso's house, clear the rocks with your power glove, and enter
  • Pass through Death Mountain until you get to the Weather Vane near the wooden stakes with the hammer symbols on them
  • Teleport to your home to get the hammer
  • Hammer the stakes back at the Death Mountain weather vane
  • Enter the Tower of Hera
A Link Between Worlds Death Mountain In-Depth


Go to the Fortune Teller's Hut outside of Kakariko Village. You do not need to go in; entering this screen will cause a cinematic to unfold. Irene, a witch, will come by and give you a the Bell which you can use to call her to fly between Weather Vanes.

Go to the area marked on the map and look for the house pictured above to find Rosso. Rosso will give you the Power Glove. This will allow you to pick up rocks and break them. You will need to collect this before reaching Death Mountain.

Go one screen down from Rosso's house. You will find the cave pictured above. Move the rocks out-of-the-way and enter. This cave is nothing but a narrow path. Follow it and kill enemies along the way.

Exit the cave. When you reach the outside world, you will be on Death Mountain. Follow along, avoiding falling rocks, until you get to the Weather Vane. Before going into the entrance that the Weather Vane is in front of, go to the cave on the left. There will be a treasure chest. Open it for some rupees.

Enter the cave with the Weather Vane in front of it.

 This room is filled with boulders that will impede your path upwards. Skillfully dodge them by hanging in stairwells and merging into the wall. When you get towards the top, head left. There will be a bridge with a door; skip that bridge. Continue going left and then cross the second bridge and exit through that door. There will be a treasure chest with a neat little treat for you: a red rupee. Drop down from the ledge and continue upwards through the next door.

This cave is not very different from the previous one. You will go up and to the right, exit out, then go left and re-enter the cave from another side. Keep going up then exit to the left.


When merging to cross the gap, drop to the middle instead of going across. Go up and you will find a Heart Piece. Continue up and enter the cave. You will find a Fairy Fountain. Take this then head down screen and exit the cave.

Go down and to the right. Stop by the Weather Vane. Save and then use your Rented Hammer on the wooden pegs. If you don't have one, go back to Your House via the Bell.

Enter the Tower of Hera.

A Link Between Worlds Tower of Hera In-Depth

Slam down the faces with your hammer and use them to launch yourself. Hit the orbs with your sword to lower and raise the walls accordingly to get to the top left platform. Launch yourself on to it and then merge. Go right and through the bars.

When you go through the bars, you will end up outside near a treasure chest. Open it up and receive a purple rupee.

Go back in and then merge with the wall again and head left. Go along the path and then merge again and continue to the right side. Get up on the platform with the giant face. Launch yourself up.

You will be on a wiry platform. Attack or avoid the enemies. Fall down the hole to get to the center of the previous room you were in. Open the chest and then launch yourself back up after receiving the compass.

Go to the left and hit the face to launch yourself up. There will be walls blocking your path. Merge on the wall and hit the orbs to lower the wall. Kill the enemies as they come to you.

Stand on one of the walls as it's lowered and then, while standing on the lowered wall, hit an orb. You will be able to get onto the platform that the small key is on. Head to the right, go up the stairs, and enter the locked door.

You will be on a platform that is overlooking a pretty big fall down. Go on the floating platform and ride until you get to the opposite side of the building. You will have to kill crows and merge with a wall that's in your way to get around it.

Eventually, you will come to a wall that you can merge with that is not in your way, pictured above. Merge with the wall, head to the right or left, wait for one of the cubes to be within reach and get your portrait self on it. Unmerge onto the land piece pictured above.

Kill the enemies in the room, knock the wall down via hitting the orb, and launch yourself up. Hit another orb, get on the lowered wall, then hit the orb again so you can get to the area with the chest. Open the chest and you will receive a blue rupee.

Get on the raised wall, merge, and leave through the bars. Get on the floating platform and do like you did before with the mergin' and the gettin' on new platforms as pictured above.

Enter the room and kill the Stalfos. A green portal will appear that can take you to the entrance of the dungeon. In addition to that, a nearby platform will start raising and coming down. Get on it and go to the next floor.

There will be cracked tiles for you to smash with your Rented Hammer. Go to the top left and drop down after breaking the tiles to get a Small Key. Go back up and smash the top right to find a treasure chest with some Monster Guts in it.

Back on the floor with all the cracked tiles, go to the left and open the door that's locked. Enter it and get on yet another floating platform. This one has a face thing for you to hit and launch from. Do this to climb up.

You will have to do this one more time. This time, you will have to fit through a little frame thing. Don't do it the first. Instead, go to the treasure chest to get a silver rupee. Then launch yourself through the frame and enter the room.

Go into the middle of the room. Tiles will start launching themselves at you. Run around to avoid them. Afterwards, the tiles will have revealed a moving platform. Get on it to go on a wiry platform. Kill or avoid the enemies and hit all the orbs. If you get knocked down, just hit the face to launch yourself back up.

After you get all the orbs, a platform with a face will lower itself. Knock yourself up to the next floor. There will once again be platforms with faces; two of them, in fact!

Time your hits on the faces right. Go to the right side to get a Big Key and then to the left side to enter through the boss door.

Hit the faces to ascend to the top. You will have to fight the worm pictured above (partly).

Moldorm is a worm with a weak point on his tail. You can stun him temporarily by hitting the floor with your Rented Hammer. Hit his tail as many times as possible. Eventually, he will get angry and start moving faster. Just repeat this process until he dies.

After you defeat Moldorm, a Heart Container will appear. Pick it up and grab the more important item next: the Pendant of Power.

Tada! You are now done with A Link Between Worlds' Tower of Hera. If you have already gotten the other pendant, head to the Lost Woods. If not, read the House of Gales guide.

Published Nov. 25th 2013

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