Gotta drink 'em all! Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres Cocktails for Your Pokemon GO team

#145 Zapdos (Team Instinct)

We've all seen the Team Instinct memes. Yes, they have a certain... reputation, and that reputation has now extended to Zapdos, the legendary bird that represents them.

So to create the Zapdos cocktail, we've taken the best qualities of the team and the bird to form a drink you'd never want to order, but one that would become your new favorite drink if you ever did. As you can see from the above image, the Zapdos is a beer cocktail, and it's incredibly simple.

You're going to want to start by making a lemonade base. Mix a good amount of lemon juice and sugar in the bottom of your chosen drinking vessel, though I'd personally hazard against drinking a Zapdos out of anything but a mason jar or beer stein. Taste the base to make sure it's not too sweet or sour, and then grab your favorite shitty beer.

This next part is tricky. You want to overturn the bottle and begin pouring the beer into the stein, but some glasses aren't big enough to accommodate a full beer and the lemonade base. The fix for this is simply ensuring that when you overturn the bottle and pour it in, the mouth of the beer is below the surface of the liquid. That way, the pressure equalizes, and more beer will flow into the glass from the bottle as you drink. Finish off the cocktail with a float of tequila on top and enjoy your reward.

Sure, Mystic and Valor might have more players, and might be stronger teams top to bottom. But there's a value in being the underdog. Those snobby Team Mystic hipsters and the asshole jocks in Team Valor probably wouldn't touch this cocktail with a ten-foot pole, but it's their loss. The refreshing tartness of the Zapdos is yours and yours alone, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Mix lemon juice and sugar in the bottom of a large glass or mason jar to taste. Overturn a bottle of cheap beer so that the beer pours into the vessel, but also that the mouth of the beer is below the line of liquid. Float 1.5oz of tequila atop the beer cocktail and enjoy.

Published Aug. 19th 2016

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