7 Moments We Need to See in the First Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode

The Death of Avalanche

This is more of a series of scenes that needs to happen. In the original FFVII, Jesse, Biggs, and Wedge just die, and that’s it. No one really cares at the time, because the goal is stopping Tseng from dropping the plate on Sector 7. It’s odd, especially since they each act like they have some kind of connection to Cloud even though he’s only been with them for two missions.

Fortunately, it seems like Avalanche is getting a lot more screen time in Remake. That’s good. I want dramatic deaths here, Square Enix, where Cloud’s reactions to their individual deaths mean something either way. 

Then there’s the aftermath scene. Barret’s desperate rant is poignant, but everything else seems rushed. More importantly, it leaves Tifa’s moral reflections in the dust. Avalanche, as she mentions, kills people and disrupts life. It’s also the only resistance group holding out against Shinra’s tyranny. This seems to be the only time Tifa really considers what Avalanche did and stood for, and it deserves more impact.

Published Dec. 18th 2019

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