The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter is Happening

Stoic have launched a new campaign through the crowdfunding site in order to finish off their turn-based strategy epic.

The Banner Saga developer Stoic has announced that the third game in the lauded series is not only still in development, but will be funded by Kickstarter to polish off the final touches.

The first two games of the Banner Saga trilogy were met with critical acclaim -- not to mention multiple BAFTA nominations. But the first sequel did not perform as financially well as the opening chapter. Much of this could be explained by the timing of The Banner Saga hitting Kickstarter at its pinnacle, before the crowdfunding site became the go-to destination for wannabe developers (and thus oversaturated with projects). 

However, the studio is refusing outside funding other than what it makes through this Kickstarter campaign and aims to raise at least $200,000 over the next 42 days in order to complete the last chapter of the Viking role-playing game's story.

Whilst the stretch goals are yet to be defined, the pledge rewards at the top two tiers include a seat at a board meeting where you can help shape the entire game's direction, and a likeness of yourself in the game.

Are you excited to learn about the final chapter of The Banner Saga? Will you be helping to fund the game through Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Jan. 24th 2017

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