Creator Spotlight: Egyptianruin

This week's creator spotlight goes to Egyptianruin, maker of mini items.

Egyptianruin, Owner of Cute 'N KitschyThis week's creator spotlight goes to Egyptianruin, owner of Cute 'N Kitschy, an Etsy store filled with small items, often geek related. While there are more than just video game pieces in the shop, the work presented and the vast selection are what drew me to Egyptianruin's work. The items are handmade and range in size from smaller than a quarter to the size of the palm of their hand. The following selections are just a few of the products offered, so take a look at the shop for the full collection.  var adunit_index = 4000; if ((adunit_index != 1000 & adunit_index != 1001) || (adunit_index == 1000 && device_category != 'MOBILE') || (adunit_index == 1001 && device_category == 'MOBILE')) { if (active_ad_units[adunit_index] != undefined) { console.log('Dyn Unit Legacy', active_ad_units[adunit_index], adunit_index); googletag.cmd.push(function () { var adunit_index = 4000; if (typeof(pubwise) != 'undefined' & pubwise.enabled === true) { console.log('Dyn PW'); pwpbjs.que.push(function() { pubwiseLazyLoad([gptadslots[adunit_index]], true); }); } else { console.log('Dyn Direct'); googletag.display('div-sjr-4000'); googletag.pubads().refresh([gptadslots[adunit_index]]); } //googletag.pubads().refresh([gptadslots[4000]]); }); } } Animal Cross New Leaf Charm Bracelet $60.00 Custom Choose Your Own Villagers Items Animal Crossing New Leaf Villager Charm Bracelet 14 Charms Buy now on Etsy Launch Media may receive a commission. Animal Crossing New Leaf has a large fan following. This small charm bracelet is customizable, with the purchaser choosing which characters to include. White Xbox 360 Controller Pendant $9.00 Acrylic White XBOX 360 Video Game Controller Pendant Buy now on Etsy Launch Media may receive a commission. For the Xbox lovers, this white acrylic pendant is perfect. Modeled after the Xbox 360 controller, it is super recognizable, with all the pieces amazingly crafted.Sans and Papyrus Undertale Earrings $15.00 Sans and Papyrus Undertale Earrings Buy now on Etsy Launch Media may receive a commission. Sans and Papyrus from indie game Undertale have a wide fan following. These earrings are super cute. Great as a present for the Undertale obsessed in your life or for yourself, show your appreciation of the skeleton brothers.N64 Controller Pendant $14.00 N64 Create Your Own Nintendo 64 Controller Retro Video Game Necklace Buy now on Etsy Launch Media may receive a commission. Ahhh, the N64. An iconic, classic piece of gaming history. Wear the retro controller in a variety of colors, such as gray, blue and red. Again, perfectly constructed at such a small size, the craftsmanship is astounding.With such mastery over the creation of tiny, geeky items, it is no wonder Egyptianruin has a successful Etsy shop. Check out the other items listed, purchase some custom items, and let her know we sent you.

Published Oct. 27th 2016

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