The Spiritual Successor to Banjo-Kazooie Hits the Ground Running

Yooka-Laylee has been announced and funded on Kickstarter in 40 minutes, and the money is still rolling in.

Anticipation has all but killed us while waiting to see the first glimpses of Playtonic Game's first title, codenamed Project Ukulele. It was promised to be the spiritual successor to the much beloved Banjo-Kazooie series, and from the looks of it, Playtonic has delivered.

The 3D platformer was officially announced with the title Yooka-Laylee on March 30th, when the game's new heroic chameleon and bat duo was first unveiled.

Yooka and LayleeYooka is the green one and Laylee is the cute little guy on top.

The game has only been in development for three months, but as you can see in the official Kickstarter video below, Playtonic has made outstanding progress: finishing the first character models, base mechanics and some environmental builds to set the mood of the game. Though the characters are only able to jump, roll, and fly now, the team plans on implementing mechanics that speak to the characters species, with Yooka using his long tongue to swing around and Laylee using a sonar blast ability. 


The Kickstarter for the game launched the day after the official announcement, on May 1st, and managed to reach its £175,000 goal within the first 40 minutes. But, fans didn't stop there and they won't stop.

At the time of writing,  the Kickstarter has made over 5 times its $270,000 goal. Yeah, do the math, that's well over a million. Even as I type, the number is growing, so I'll save myself from being outdated in 2 minutes and send you over to the game's offical Kickstarter page. That way you can see the current funding as it updates and learn more information about the project.

Don't fight the fan urge, either. Throw all the wads of cash you're willing to spare at Yooka-Laylee, just make sure to save your two-cents for the comments below. 

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Published May. 3rd 2015

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