Eiji Aonuma Runs Through NYC - A Link Between Worlds Promo

Eiji Aonuma does a hilarious run throughout New York City, being chased by two Nintendo America employees. Why is he running? Check it out!

If you thought there was enough publicity about A Link Between Worlds, you'd be wrong. In a type of comical fashion, Eiji Aonuma does a small promo being chased around New York City by two Nintendo America employees. Within his comical video, you'll see some great A Link Between World references.

References you might have missed!

Whilst being chased, Aonuma does a painting trick just like Link does within A Link Between Worlds. They've even painted the side of a building to look like a crevice that Link moves through within the game. It's truly A Link Between Worlds coming to life.

Even before this promo, Nintendo has done some great advertisement for A Link Between Worlds, even involving a TV commercial in the United States that brought the game to life. Putting all their efforts into these advertisements, they've grabbed the attention of many gamers.

Can't wait until November 22nd?

If you're on edge about A Link Between Worlds, I've got great news for you. While looking on the internet, I've found some footage from the game that will knock your socks off. Those interested in looking at gameplay footage from dungeons and cut scenes can find it here. If that's not your fancy, you can find a knowledgable Q&A involving the way the game works, and how it relates to A Link to the Past. There's also a handy video with the unboxing of a new A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL. The footage and Q&A will bring some spoilers, so be warned!

It's great to see that the man who created the Zelda series has such a great humorous personality. He truly does love his work, even doing these types of silly promo videos that make his audience love him more. I can't wait to see what else Aonuma has in future for Zelda, and his promo videos.

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Published Nov. 13th 2013

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