3 Stephen King Short Stories That Should Be Indie Horror Games

The Night Flier

The Night Flier is a story that is centralized around a jaded reporter and photographer named Richard Dees who is investigating stories of a serial killer. Richard follows the killer known as The Night Flier, while he travels and commits gruesome murders in various airports travelling in a Cessna Skymaster aeroplane.

Richard thinks The Night Flier is a lunatic who believes he's vampire, and sets out on a mission to find out more about the killer, interviewing witnesses and discovering more clues along the way.

As a result of a violent thunderstorm, Richard, eventually will find himself landing ahead of the killer at one of the airports -- where things take a terrible turn for the worst.

I see a videogame adaptation of this story working in a similar way to Life Is Strange, only swapping the time travelling aspects and replacing this with travelling between airports. The game could also use the character interactions seen in Life Is Strange to interview witnesses as well as the photography mechanics to capture horrors and atrocities of The Night Flier.

Published Mar. 8th 2017

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