Tales of Arise In Search of Medicine Guide

Tales of Arise In Search of Medicine is slightly confusing in its description, but here's where to look for Rinwell's meds.

Tales of Arise In Search of Medicine forgets Alphen lost his memory and thinks you know Calaglia pretty well. Rinwell needs help after suffering from exhaustion and the realm’s extreme heat, but the remedy’s actual location is only vaguely hinted at in Kyrd Garrison.

To make things easier, here’s how to finish Tales of Arise In Search of Medicine so you can hit the road faster and leave Calaglia behind.

Tales of Arise In Search of Medicine Walkthrough

In Search of Medicine map location.

The quest takes you back to Mosgul first, where you’ll need to speak with Doc. You have to follow the steps even if you know where the medicine is, or else it won’t spawn in the location.

Doc tells you Kyrd Garrison probably has some medicine, so off you go again. Fast travel to the entrance outside Ulzebek to save time. The zeugles shouldn’t give you trouble by this point, and the payoffs aren’t that great either. Unless you just want a fight, avoid combat as much as you can to speed things up.

The garrison in question is probably not the one you’ve already visited if you just followed the main path so far. It’s on the area map’s western side, shown in the circled area below. The chests inside have some good loot, but no medicine. Check the bookshelf next to one of the beds to grab your medicine and trigger a short scene.

You can’t fast travel back to Mosgul, so leave the garrison and head back to Doc’s tent on foot. Then leave Mosgul and go back to Ulzebek… on foot. Fast travel is disabled here as well.

Head back to the Crimson Crows’ hideout in Ulzebek, and you’ll trigger your last big cutscene in Calaglia.

Once Rinwell joins, you’ll have access to Hootle, the handy owl radar, to help uncover any Dahnan owls along the way. There are quite a few of them, and we’ve got an owl locations guide to help pick up any you might have missed.

That’s it for our In Search of Medicine guide, but make sure to check out our other Tales of Arise guides for more tips on your way to liberating the planet.


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Published Sep. 13th 2021

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