Magic: Legends Open Beta is Live Now

Magic: Legends' open beta is live now for PC players, featuring several classes and hundreds of spells across five familiar regions.

The Magic: Legends open beta is live now on the Epic Games Store and Arc Games' website. Magic: Legends' open beta includes five playable classes, over 170 spells, and some free costumes for those who take part.

The Magic: Legends beta unfolds across five regions drawn from the card game, including Shiv, Gavony, and Tolaria. Even though it's still essentially Early Access, the open beta also features a robust mana system that encourages players to build and experiment before tackling Legends' customizable challenges with their chosen class.

Speaking of class, Magic: Legends' five starter classes are:

  • Geomancer
  • Mind Mage
  • Beastcaller
  • Sanctifier
  • Necromancer

The full game will feature more classes once it releases later this year, so there's plenty of time to make your voice heard during early access about how the game plays.

Perfect World Entertainment CEO Yoon Im said:

As the first-ever action RPG based on Magic: The Gathering, Cryptic has created something really special with Magic: Legends. With this Open Beta period, we are excited to see how players experience the game and look forward to hearing their feedback.

Those who play Magic: Legends open beta on Arc Games can claim a Gavony Vigilante costume, the Bruiser skin for the Ogre Mortar summon, and some drop and mission boosts. Epic Games Store players can get two drop boots plus a Moorland Ranger costume and Moorland Ranger Werewolf summon skin.


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Published Mar. 24th 2021

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