What dog is your favorite game developer?

The What-dog app is going viral. We've run some of our favorite game developers through Microsoft new app. Lets see what dog breed develops the best games.

We're all always thinking it (don't try to deny it)! If I was a dog what breed would I be? Boston Terrier? A Retriever? Maybe a Collie? Well Microsoft just made it easy to end the internal argument. The new What-Dog App will match a picture of anyone with a dog breed. We went ahead and ran some of our favorite game developers through the app for you.

The same person in a different picture can produce different results. It's not perfect but still a great way to spend some time!

Todd Harris - Smite

Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear series

Notch AKA Markus Persson - MineCraft

Peter Molyneux - Fable series, Godus

Michael Morhaime - Blizzard

Jonathan Blow - The Witness, Braid

David Jones - Rockstar Games (GTA)

Shigeru Miyamoto - Nintendo

Gabe Newell - Valve

Will Wright - The sims

This is Microsoft second time making headlines with this type of app. Last year the How Old do I Look app went viral. The same technology powers the Fetch App which can identify any dog breed you might cross on the street. Have fun using the new app.

Post and comment some of your own pictures down below. #whatDogRobot

Published Feb. 12th 2016
  • Auverin Morrow
    Featured Contributor
    These are amazing. Lost it at Gabe Newell as a Husky.
  • Lad Johnson
    Hideo Kojima "thinks he's a giant that pretty accurate.

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