Check out this Sick Overwatch Rap by Dan Bull

Dan Bull's back at it again with another awesome video game rap, and this time it's about Overwatch.

Here's Dan Bull's latest rap about the game Overwatch and its 21 playable heroes.

The chorus is mesmerizing, and Dan's rhythm, flow, and rhymes are on point. The music's smooth synth, beat, and drum kick combined with Dan's powerful voice come together to make an all around epic song. According to his Facebook, Dan believes that this is his "best song for ages."

The chorus is sang by Iain Mannix, Veela, and Miracle of Sound. The instrumental was made by Custom Phase and Neal Acree. The video was made by Adam Townsley. The thumbnail art of D.Va is by Kuvshinov-Ilya.

Dan is a British rapper and vlogger and is well known of his video game raps. Dan also does vlogs and raps about the internet and politics. Check out Dan Bull's YouTube channel for more amazing music with sweet music videos. He makes new gaming raps every week. His songs can also be found on iTunes and Spotify.

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Published Jul. 1st 2016

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