Daymare 1998 Aegis Power Puzzle Guide

You can't get much done in the dark, but with the proper switch combo puzzle solution, you can get to killing zombies in the Daymare 1998 Aegis level.

Retro horror game Daymare 1998 started life as an unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake — before the real remake squashed those plans  so you've got to put your old-school survival horror goggles on to figure out some of the game's puzzles, including the Aegis Power puzzle. 

If you're having trouble with the power switch puzzle in the Aegis level, we've got you covered in the guide below. Once you know the proper pattern, it's simple to bypass the electricity issue and restore power to the facility.

Aegis Power Switches Solution

 The correct power switch order

While the trainee note on the swivel chair and the power status screen on the computer terminal next to the switch panel give a basic overview of how the puzzle is supposed to work, they don't give you the full answer. There's a bit of trial and error involved.

If you want to skip all that and just move onto the next portion of the level, then flip these switches from red to blue on:

  • Cargo Area
  • Submarine Shaft
  • Lab Area
  • Control Room
  • Reception Hall
  • Server Room
  • Security Room

When those switches are all blue, the Helipad Access, Decont. Area, Offices Area, and Canteen/Dorm lights should still be red. You'll know you've got the pattern correct when all of the white dots in the middle are lit up from top to bottom.

Here's the part that's vexing some players, though: you then need to press "D" to move away from the power lights to the switch, and press "F" to actually pull the switch and reset the power.

Most of the game's other interfaces don't work this way, so make sure to go through that extra step or the power won't come back on.

After the power comes on, you'll immediately be attacked by a zombie from the left side (from the staircase where you entered the room), so make sure your ammo is loaded before completing the puzzle.

Stumped on another puzzle found later in the game? Check out our other Daymare 1998 guides covering the major puzzles across the game's 14 levels, and be sure to leave us a comment if you need help with any we haven't covered yet!

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Published Sep. 4th 2019

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