A Father and Daughter Team Make Super Chibi Knight

A new indie RPG is being developed, but with a twist. An 8-year old girl is helping with development.

Nick Pesto is making a follow-up to Chibi Knight called Super Chibi Knight. There is something very special about the game's development though, his 8-year old daughter Bella is helping him. She provides the voice of the protagonist and helps test the game. Bella seems very passionate about Super Chibi Knight, and gaming in general, as you can see from the video. Starting her off early could really help with her knowledge of game design and the industry for the future.

Even though Super Chibi Knight looks childish and is definitely designed that way, after all an 8-year old is heavily involved in the production. But don't let that be a deal breaker, it still has depth and challenge. There is an RPG element to the game where you can level up and get skills. There are also two specialization paths that you can take, Beast Rider or Sorcerer. Beast Rider does what the name implies, you ride huge beasts to attack your enemies. Sorcerer casts various magical attacks. These are the only options available at the time, but considering the game is not completed yet, there could be more in the future. I think the game will still be fine as it is without the extra options though. Super Chibi Knight is now on Steam Greenlight, so go vote on it here!

What do you think of this new game? Do you think it is good that young Bella is being exposed to game design and development so early? Personally, I think it is a wonderful idea. If more people like Nick get their children into design early, we can have a bigger variety of developers and games. Discuss what you think in the comments below.

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Published Oct. 4th 2013

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