My Hopes for this Year's E3

Games are the name for E3, so here's my list of games that I hope will be announced!

E3 is one of the biggest events of the year in the video game industry. The best thing about E3 though is the video game announcements. I will gladly spend the hours necessary getting ready for the announcement of a new video game that I’ve been dying to play. So here is a list of my hopes for this year’s E3!

Fallout 4

This is going to happen; I’m just hoping that they give us fans a lot of info on this long waited sequel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to tryout the Fallout series yet, go out and do so!

Dishonored 2

One of my favorite stealth games of all time, Dishonored left me satisfied too much. The ending was great; I don’t think that a sequel is needed. But, I want one. It doesn’t even have to involve the same characters, just please give me another Dishonored-type game. 

The Return of Silent Hill

With a lot of rumors speculating that Microsoft may purchase the series, I hope that Silent Hills will make a fantastic return. I just hope that if it ever does return, it takes its inspiration from the original games in the series and not the latter.

Borderlands 3

Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to shoot and loot again! The series has always been a great one, and a fourth installment (even though it would be number 3 due to Borderlands the Pre-Sequel) is just what we need. I would also like to have another villain similar to Handsome Jack, one of the best villains in video games.

Resident Evil 7

With the fifth and sixth installments struggling, I feel that Resident Evil 7 is necessary. I want to see the series as a whole make a comeback to being the top of the line horror games we knew the series to be! I love the Revelations series, and I love the remakes, but I want to get back into the heart of this terrorizing franchise.

Star Fox Wii U

This is going to happen, but I want more details from Nintendo. I want gameplay, demonstrations, a brand new trailer, etc. I would especially love an official release date so I have another great excuse to go back and play Star Fox 64 again (although I don’t really need an excuse).  

Bioshock 4

This series has it all. It has horror, shooters, powers, challenging enemies, and of course wonderful stories. Out of all the games I’ve listed, I think I want this one the most. If you have the opportunity to play Bioshock Infinite, I highly recommend you do so.

Do you have a game that you’re hoping will be announced at this year’s E3? Please feel free to comment and let me know! 

Published Jun. 3rd 2015
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I'm really hoping that E3 will trigger the official release timeline for Tides of Numenera to boost inXile's signal for the Bard's Tale 4 Kickstarter. (Continues to fly the cRPG flag.)

    For AAAs, yes, expect sequels and expansions, but don't count out new IPs. Now that many devs are comfortable with the new consoles, I expect a lot innovative and fresh games to be announced. 2015 should stack up to be an impressive year for games, especially after the games drought that ate up most of last year.

    Hopes and dreams? Well, I've got only one franchise that I really, truly want revisited.... Let's please have a new SSX Tricky game.
  • Fireboltz_7795
    Featured Contributor
    I hadn't even considered SSX! We were just playing that on the Gamecube actually last month! Ah, the memories...
  • topher339
    I find myself wondering where you got the StarFox picture. It says StarFox 64 yet the characters and the Great Fox behind them are from Assault.

    Anyway, what I really want to see, but is rather unlikely, is Metroid for the WiiU. There hasn't been a console based Metroid since Other M, which wasn't that great. If they had another Prime type game I can guarantee it'd sell well. Since it has two joysticks it can much better accommodate a shooter type game.

    Sometimes I wonder of the people back in Nintendo are just sitting there twiddling their thumbs. All the games that could make them money are the games they either aren't producing or wait to long to release. Mario Kart and Smash Bros saved the WiiU but if they had been smarter and waited to release the WiiU till those games were ready, they wouldn't have had half the problems they did. They just finally started making revenue again. Now, they are just talking about a new StarFox and still nothing on Metroid. For a console that relies almost solely on their exclusives they do a rather poor job of using them to their advantage.
  • Fireboltz_7795
    Featured Contributor
    topher339, I would also love to see another Metroid game, especially on the Wii U! Also, they've released some games that I was waiting for like Super Mario Bros and Kirby, but I agree. I keep twiddling my thumbs for Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda, and they just keep me waiting and waiting and waiting.
  • Jackson Ingram
    Kingdom Hearts III has already been announced, but I'm still hoping for some more concrete details this June.
    Also, I'm curious as to the setting of a potential BioShock 4? Would they stick with Columbia? I mean, that seems a little unlikely considering Infinite's ending, but not totally implausible if they didn't follow up chronologically. Or would they go back to Rapture? Or maybe an entirely new location?
  • Fireboltz_7795
    Featured Contributor
    I think Bioshock 4 will have to be in a different setting than Columbia due to the way Infinite ended. I also think it would have to be something not chronological, just a new location and another epic story!

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