Ny Sha - The Primrose Dance

Ny Sha - The Primrose Dance

And she whispers softly:

Skirts like the amber petals of a flower,
A primrose dancing for delight
In some enchantment of a bower
That rose to wizard music in the night;

A rhythmic flower whose petals pirouette
In delicate circles, fain to follow
The vague aerial minuet,
The mazy dancing of the swallow;

A flower's caprice, a bird's command
Of all the airy ways that lie
In light along the wonder-land,
The wonder-haunted loneliness of sky:

So, in the smoke-polluted place,
Where bird or flower might never be,
With glimmering feet, with flower-like face,
She dances at the Tivoli. 

Poem by: Arthur Symons

I really love the style of my Sylvari. I tried many colors before, but with the Zenith skins it was clear: She's a perfect purple, golden, glowing mesmer. It took some time to finish this style. But it was worth every minute.

That's how it works:

  • Orchid Helm
  • Orchid Epaulets
  • Nightmare Vestments
  • Orchid Gloves
  • Orchid Leggins
  • Orchid Boots
  • Abyssal Scepter
  • Zenith Flame
  • Fervid Censer

Colors: Blurple, Banana, Limette, Phlox

Published Aug. 20th 2013
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Congratulations Ny Sha, you've placed in the top ten for most Couture Tyrians!

    Check out your fellow finalists here!

  • Ecobahn
    Um...wow!? Professional screenshotter much!? Serious kudos!

    Anyways! Love your look. The Sylvari as so great to use for style purposes - so easy to dye and the cultural / Sylvari style armours easily blend into the skin tones and physiology of the character. No different here -- great work!
  • Nobody Cares
    That's so great even the word "great" is not enough
  • nadine_3331
    Oh honey, das ist wunderschön. <3
  • xJackix
    Sieht super aus! Einfach nur wunderschön! Sehr gute Arbeit, Honey:)
  • Andy Holzbein
    Very Nice
  • Shynarja
    Eine unfassbar tolle Sylvari. Meine habe ich irgendwie nicht so hübsch hinbekommen. *schnief*
  • Eric_7118
    voten für honeyball :3
  • Puddingmann
    Sooooooooo Schön!!!
  • Rachel.Harassment
    Your sylvari and mine need to get it togetherfor the perfect colour combo.
  • Minevie
    Perfekt Pictures and poses ^^
  • blackfox_1828
    cool haste fein gemacht honey ( wenn du das warst dann Respekt ich denke mal du warst das also ja ne ) :)
  • Neveleth
    Wow *_* I love it so very mutch!
  • lalalaula200
  • Johannes_2965
    OMG your char is amzing i love it honeyball / Ny Sha for the win

    OMG dein Char ist wunderschön , ich liebe diesen Char Honeyball / Ny Sha für den Sieg
  • Trefion
    This is the result of putting so much effort in creating and coloring a character and it turned out absolutely beautiful. Ny Sha has to win the contest!
  • Mercun
    Simply wonderful!
  • Bubbabaer
    Sehr schön, passt einfach. Das Rückenteil Blume passt einer Sylvari Dame besser, als mein Mini-Asura oder den Bär.
    Die Farbenkombi genial.
  • Lukas Epp
    Wow! Honey die Bilder sind echt super schön! Gefällt mir. Stimmt für Honeyball! c:
  • Vesimas
    Amazing work! I personally love Sylvari! :3
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