15 Pokemon Who Should Never See The Light of Day Again

Some Pokemon just should not be.

Not all Pokemon are created equal. While a good portion are visually pleasing and have long term use as teammates, some are simply not useful in the least. What's the point of a Pokemon if it doesn't look cool, isn't cute, and isn't particularly competent in battle?

The current Pokedex contains 649 Pokemon and it is only going to grow with the release of Pokemon X and Y this October. Before we look to the future, let's look back at 15 individual Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova who -- for all intents and purposes -- are essentially useless outside of novelty.

All of the images below have been take from the wonderful full Pokemon list in Pokemon Database. Links are of each Pokemon's entries on the site.

A Gallery of 15 Unworthy Pokemon


Some of the lowest base stats in the series? Check. Only learns one move by default unless specifically bred to learn a particular move? Check. Takes 4 times the damagefrom rock-type moves? You bet! Delibird's only saving grace is the pool of moves it can learn from TMs, but you are better off using those on a Pokemon with much better stats.


Do I really need to say anything about Unown? This Psychic type first seen in Gen 2 can only learn one move: Hidden Power. Their overall base stats are some of the lowest out of all 649 Pokemon. Collecting all 28 variatons is a fun challenge, but you won't find much use for them aside from checking out their unique sprite animations.


It's hard to imagine what was going through the minds over at Game Freak when they decided this monstrosity was a good idea. Not only is Garbodor one of the ugliest Pokemon, but it's also jam-packed with a lackluster pool of moves and pitiful maximum potential stats sans its health. Who thought this was a good idea?


Amoonguss, much like Garbodor, is one of those Pokemon that makes you wonder why its design even left the drawing board. Its pre-evolution, Foongus has the benefit of at least being cute. Amoonguss is absurdly ugly and sans his HP has awful stats. Truly a terrible Pokemon.


There are five Pokemon who are associated with moths/butterflies and Mothim is the worst of them. Though his stats are higher than Dustox, Butterfree, and Beautifly (he is beaten by Venomoth in stats); his moveset is the least useful of the bunch. Mothim's looks are nothing to brag about either. Why would you ever choose him over the other moth/butterfly Pokemon based on looks?


I think we can all agree that Skitty is cute but that does not make its evolution, Delcatty, any more worthy to be on a team or even in your Pokedex at all. This little lady is all fluff and no substance: awful stats, a depressingly simple moveset (though high TM compatibility), and a terrible nonsensical design. A poor man's Persian, with poofballs.

Plusle and Minun

What do you get when you take a Pikachu and give it an electricity-based gimmick? Plusle and Minun are just that -- they have a stunning resemblance to the original electric rat while offering only the benefit of being pretty okay for doubles battles.

Plusle and Minun have no particular strengths or weaknesses, but what is really the point of having Pikachu clones? These may just be the least original Pokemon of all, and that is saying something.


Does this really need an explanation? Bottom of the barrel stats, poor moves, and it's a fish that looks like a heart. 0/10 would not eat nor use in battle.


As much as I personally like Wobbuffet just because of his place in the anime, this little guy is one of the worst to actually battle against. This isn't because he's strong, but rather because he makes every battle a gamble. His moves are fun for whoever is using him, but he is just the worst Pokemon to go up against. Period.


Bidoof is just one Pokemon in a long line of sub-par wildlife critters, but this little beaver buddy and his evolution Bibarel have to be the dumbest of them. Gen 3's Zigzagoon was a bit uninspired but evolved into the very useful (and kind of cool) Linoone. Bibarel is even outclassed stat and move-wise by Gen 5's Patrat evolution Watchdog. Why does Bidoof even exist?


I had a tough time choosing between Emolga and Pachirisu. Both are just more generic electric rodents with literally nothing to make them stand out. Emolga won out because its maximum potential stats are lower than that of Pachirisu, and because Emolga is a Gen 5 Pokemon. Shouldn't we be past the electric rodent thing by now?


Jynx is pretty versatile in terms of moveset and compatible TMs, but has six weaknesses and just looks damn weird. Is it really worth it to choose Jynx over someone like Mr. Mime, another Gen 1 Pokemon with a baby form and no evolution? Maybe if Jynx had a redesign and had its Special Attack swapped with its Special Defense.


Chatot is a special case because not only is it sub-par in every way, but it also has a useless gimmick that makes it impossible to play against random trainers via Wi-Fi.

Chatot's Chatter move allows players to record their own voice for playback when used -- the louder the voice, the higher the chance to confuse the opponent. The Chatter gimmick may just be the most worthless addition to the series, considering his ban in random matchmaking. Why is this even a thing?


Whether you like Gloom or not, you have to admit it is very different from Oddish, Vileplume, and Bellossom. The other three in this evolutionary tree are cute, while Gloom looks depressed and can't contain its own noxious drool. Oddish is my favorite Pokemon, why can't he be cute from evolutionary start to finish?

I admit this entry is based on my own personal issue against Gloom and all of its gloominess, but I would honestly be happier if it just disappeared out of every generation's Pokedex. I can understand the logic of it being included, but I just don't like it.

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Published Feb. 8th 2018
  • Lex_3890
    Amoongus is actually an amazing pokemon... why is it on this list?
  • T. P.
    Plusle Minun Wobbuffet Chatot Delibird Delcatty Emolga Bidoof are some great pokemon for me!Well i just like amoognuss because his a pokemon of team rocket but i hate the others...
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Plusle and Minun the power of friendship meets a magnet! The next Pokemon mini-movie! lol (jk)
  • vegna871
    Featured Correspondent
    Amoongus is an INCREDIBLE tank, probably would have been the best in 5th gen if Ferrothorn hadn't been a thing. Amoongus definitely has a purpose and doesn't deserve to be on this list. Jynx is also a rather decent Pokemon and a decent counter to powerful water type moves because noone expects it to have water absorb.
  • Tony Monster
    i agree with all of this... and have a few more that should be on that list too

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