Top 10 Worst Hearthstone Cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods

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Whispers of the Old Gods, the latest Hearthstone expansion, includes a large number of excellent cards that will keep the meta strong for a very long time. But there’s always a chance of opening a few booster packs that will give you some really, really bad cards as well. It’s never fun, but at least you can disenchant them and spend the dust on other better cards.

Almost a week after the release of the new expansion, the community has finally come to terms with the cards they love and the cards they hated. Here are the top 10 worst cards from the “Whispers of the Old Gods” that are universally despised by the majority of Hearthstone players.

10. Tentacles for Arms

There are very few new weapons in the Whispers of the Old Gods. The best one went to Paladin – it’s cheap and it buffs minions with divine shield. And the worst one went to Warrior -- which is unfortunate, especially after the loss of Death’s Bite in the standard format.

Tentacles for Arms costs too much for 2 attack with 2 durability points, but the Deathrattle effect could actually be worth it only if it weren’t that expensive. However, many Fatigue Warrior players say that it serves them well, especially with a bunch of new pirate cards that make your weapons cheaper. So, if that’s what you also like to play, give it a chance. Otherwise just dust it.

9. Evolved Kobold

Why is this card so expensive? If it were 3 mana, then Evolved Kobold would be an excellent addition to any spell-based deck, such as Burst Mage.

Many players have speculated that it is a cheaper version of Malygos, if you play two Evolved Kobolds. In this case you have +4 Spell Damage for 8 mana, but they forget that Malygos has 12 points of health, which makes him extremely difficult to remove, while two Kobolds with 2 health are not a threat at all and will vanish after just one Consecration.

8. Blood of the Ancient One

At first glance this card seems pretty cool, if you think that you can summon a 30/30 minion. However, these types of cards (e.g. Mimiron's Head) generally never make it into any competitive decks, and people usually play them in only-for-fun moments -- which are also quite rare.

The community tried to make this card work on paper many times. For example, in Rogue decks, Conceal can protect it from being destroyed and Shadowcaster can quickly make another copy of it. In Priest decks, Herald Volazj can summon another copy of it right on board. In Druid decks, Aviana and Innervate will guarantee a turn ten double Blood of the Ancient One; etc.

But in reality all these combos are too slow, and even if you manage to bring out the Ancient One himself, there is no guarantee that your opponent won’t have a way to deal with it.

7. Wisps of the Old Gods

This Druid spell is a slightly bigger version of Dark Wispers – another spell that never found its place in Hearthstone. The Old Gods wisps are more expensive and can work only if you can combine it with Fandral Staghelm – a new Druid legendary that activates both choices.

Apart from that, it’s too expensive and too slow. It could be combined with Savage Roar if wisps had Charge, but Blizzard will never make the same mistake again (e.g. Force of Nature) – the time of broken combos is over.

6. Faceless Behemoth

It is indeed a behemoth of a card – big and slow. This is an example of a typical bad card in Hearthstone. It is extremely inflexible and has no immediate value, such as battlecries, triggers, etc. Even if it had more attack and health points for 10 mana, it would still be way too slow.

It seems that the only way to play this is in the combination with Y'Shaarj – an Old God that puts a random minion from your deck onto the battlefield, then it makes sense, but other than that – it is simply unplayable.

5. Nat, the Darkfisher

This is another corrupted Old Gods iteration of a previously printed card – Nat Pagle. The Darkfisher really only fits in one type of deck – mill decks. If you’ve ever played Mill Rogue or Mill Druid, you know that mill decks can be hard to make consistently effective. That’s why you don’t see too many of them in the higher rankings.

How about wild format? Since it’s a 2-drop, players can expect it falling off of Piloted Shredder, which can easily turn your game into a loss, as you don’t want your opponent unexpectedly to draw more cards.

4. Grotesque Dragonhawk

This must be the worst minion with Windfury yet. It’s too expensive for its stats and will never see any serious play in competitive decks. The only way this can be used is either it will be summoned by Ram Wrangler or through Evolve spell.

Also, Warrior can use it with Charge spell and two additional Inner Rages for 22 burst damage, but you still need to get to turn 10 to be able to execute the combo.

3. Duskboar

Minions with 1 point of health are terribly weak, unless you have a plan. Fortunately, Whispers of the Old Gods gave Paladin a new great minion -- Steward of Darkshire. It gives all minions with 1 health a divine shield. Also, it can be used in combination with Tundra Rhino, which will give it a Charge since Duskboar is a Beast.

However, that is all – this is the limit of Duskboar, and that’s why this card is so bad. It can do absolutely nothing on its own.

2. Am'gam Rager

Ben Brode, a lead designer on Hearthstone, once said that Magma Rager is not the worst minion in all of Hearthstone in his response to fans who claimed so. And he was absolutely right -- Am'gam Rager is much, much worse.

History repeats itself, and everybody remembers how Blizzard released Ice Rager that had 2 points of health for the same 3 mana as Magma Rager. Now, they give us 1/5 Am'gam Rager and 2/5 Carrion Grub that both cost 3 mana – what a coincidence. Is this some sort of conspiracy, Blizzard?

Anyway, other than Hobgoblin value on a wild ladder, Am'gam Rager is a completely useless minion.

1. The Boogeymonster

The Boogeymonster isn’t only the worst legendary in the Whispers of the Old Gods, it is also the worst card in the new expansion overall. Even really bad common cards in the new set have better stats than this – 8 mana for 6/7 is just too much.

The problem with the card is that it needs a condition to make its trigger effect work – it needs to be damaged. Also, it’s not particularly hard to kill a minion with 7 points of health, which means that Boogeymonster simply won’t have an opportunity to grow – it just dies.

You can’t go face with it either, as there is no point in paying 8 mana for a minion with 6 attack. Here, you have no other choice but to attack minions first to let it grow to at least 8 attack, but that is just so inconvenient.

So, no matter how you look at this legendary it is only good for disenchanting, and 400 dust is not a bad deal in this case.

What other cards do you think deserve to be in this list? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Published May. 1st 2016


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