Steam hardware isn't compatible with Mac, but here's some free games!

Valve is having trouble making the Steam Link and Controller work on mac...awkward.

Did you pre-order a Steam Link or Controller expecting to stream awesome Steam games from your Mac to your TV? Well too bad, you can’t. Apparently, the Steam Link cannot stream games from Mac, and the Steam Controller does not support gamepad emulation on Macs. Polygon reports an email from Valve to a user stating:

"…doing everything we can to resolve the issues..."

In other words, 'our bad, we’ll get right on that'. Unfortunately, there is no time frame as to when these bugs will be fixed. But don’t worry, angry Mac gamers! Valve is compensating all of you with a $100 value, and giving out The Valve Complete Pack.

Are you still kind of pissed? No worries. You can cancel your Steam Link or Controller pre-order for a full refund and keep your Valve Complete Pack. Hopefully Mac support will be available on November 10th or close after launch. Stay posted here on GameSkinny for more Steam hardware coverage.


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Published Oct. 17th 2015

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