Skyforge has new raid, invasion, and Divine Packs

A new raid has been released, a new invasion is imminent and more this week on Skyforge.

This week sees a new 10-man raid, divine packs, and the last of the six invasions coming to Skyforge.

The new raid, Operation Ophelia, takes place inside a temple complex, where players must work as a team to vanquish four formidable bosses of demonic origin. If completed successfully, players can receive new rings and signets as rewards. Players will need at least 229,572 prestige to access Operation Ophelia.

After countless invasions that saw Mechanoids, Phytonides, Gorgonides, Reapers, and most recently Oceanids attacking Aelion, the Demons are finally launching an invasion of their own. Rise up and put them down to earn Demon tokens, as well as  earn a Demon atlas and the ability to earn Demon sparks.  

From today until April 20th, special Divine Packs are available for purchase. From Skyforge's announcement page:

"Nothing can stand against an immortal who chooses to call upon his ultimate trump card, otherwise known as the Divine Form. It is in this state of greater being that the Faith of all who believe in this young god’s efforts is unleashed upon their unfortunate foes. Due in part to the unrelenting power emitting from a god’s very presence, not even Quinta can successfully alter this form’s physical state without drastic consequences – but now you can!"

Purchasing the Chromatic Pack will allow you to, among other things, freely recolor your divine form, obtain 24 extra inventory slots, and get 30 days of premium. Purchasing the Morphic Pack will allow you to freely change the appearance of your divine form, obtain 24 extra inventory slots, get 1000 holy texts, and more. Purchasing the Divine Combo Pack will get you both the Chromatic and Morphic Pack. 

Visit the official website for complete details on both packs, and to purchase them.

Prestige required to enter other 10-man raids has also been altered. Take a look at the patch notes for more details.


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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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