Homefront: The Revolution Unveiled, Screams Atmosphere

Can this new installment breath life into an otherwise abandoned brand?

The highly forgotten original Homefront, released way back in 2011, showcased an extremely Red Dawnesque storyline that was received by the public as intriguing, but extremely shallow and criminally short. All in all, the title amounted to a nice distraction from the likes of Call Of Duty or Battlefield, but simply did not have the substance to attract a large following.

Adding insult to injury, Kaos Studio, the studio behind Homefront, disbanded following THQ's untimely demise. The future for any more installments in the series was looking immensely bleak, until big name developer Crytek stepped in and purchased the rights.

Now 3 years later, we have Homefront: The Revolution, still trying to spice up the first person shooter genre just as its predecessor did before it.

The Revolution takes place within the ravished, enemy controlled Philadelphia, a whopping 4 years into this alternate reality. Guerilla tactics are still a popular way of handling foes like the first game, as well as the oppressors still possessing a larger and more advanced fighting force. Crytek UK designer Fasahat Salim said,

"Our version of Philadelphia is an oppressed, heavily policed environment... As the player goes through each of the different districts, the game is an open world so you can bounce around between districts, everything you do, each mission or side mission or whatever else, influences the game world and influences all of the civilians who inhabit it. Everything is being influenced by how you go through the game."

These aspects of the game should really heighten the experience of the title, as well as many other welcome features such as the inclusion of a 4 player CO-OP. Perhaps Crytek has learned from the original's shortcomings and developed a title that boasts serious competition for the other first person goliaths of today.

Homefront: The Revolution hits the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms sometime during the hectic year of 2015.

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Published Jun. 2nd 2014
  • Si_W
    Although it was only a trailer and therefore probably just cutscenes, I got the impression that this was in a Watch Dogs/GTA engine.

    I'm probably wrong, but wouldn't this kind of storyline in that type of engine being really exciting? Nearest I've seen so far was The Saboteur, which I loved, or Mercs I & II...
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Single-player was a dull bore, but with the help of Digital Extremes, the multiplayer was fantastic. It was far more approachable for players than the traditional military shooter, especially with it's Battlepoints system. It's still played on PC in both US and Germany, last I was on.

    Also, if Crytek is in charge of it, I'm pretty much expecting a tech demo of potential but little creativity beyond the core concept.
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    i agree, Crytek is great for showcasing GRAMPHIKS over solid gameplay.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Which is why I'm worried. Also, you realize this means that both Crytek and Netherrealm have made trailers for their -E3 reveals- today. Not even necessarily for the games, just for the previews themselves.

    It just makes me wanna sigh.

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