Mojang Shutting Down Scrolls

Scrolls team from Mojang announced that they will no longer be adding features or card sets to the game.

In a blog post yesterday, the Scrolls team from Mojang (best known as developers of cult hit indie title Minecraft) announced that they will no longer be adding features or card sets to the game. Echoes will be the last content patch for the game.

The Scrolls team have promised to keep the servers running for at least one more year until July 1st, 2016. The reason for this was due to the game reaching a point where it was unable to sustain continuous development, despite having a successful beta with tens of thousands of players.

Scrolls is a card game where the player seeks to use his cards to destroy 3 of his opponents idols with creatures, enchantments, structures or spells. It was released on 11th December 2014. There is no time limit in singleplayer mode while multiplayer imposes a 90 second time limit per turn. During initial development the game ran into some naming issues with Bethesda, who argued that the name would cause confusion with its vaunted The Elder Scrolls series.

The team thanked all the players. especially the dedicated members of their community at the end of the blog post and promised to answer any questions players might have on their standard channels.

With Hearthstone having such a gigantic presence (in fact it reached a new milestone last month with 30 million players) and having just released the mobile versions of their game on Android and IOS smartphones it seems that smaller card games will struggle to survive in the current market. Let's hope that other card games can find a place in the market and offers users diverse experiences across all platforms.


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Published Jun. 29th 2015

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