9 beloved games fans hated (or didn't play)

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Hindsight is 20/20. Often our favorite games, movies, music, or even people, were not something we initially liked. Some games are disliked by gamers right out of the gate - in some instances, before it even releases. Sometimes the dislike is justified, other times it really isn't.

Nowadays, vitriol can be found in response to absolutely anything. The poisonous nature of the Internet has given everyone a platform to speak their minds. Here's where I should say, "for better or worse", but I think it's painfully clear that it's for the worse, considering the horrible things people say and the animosity found on almost any site. But the state of the Internet is a topic for another day.

The point is that despite how beloved some properties are, you will easily find naysayers. In some cases, the dislike for these games stems from the very-human aversion to change. We always want new things, until we get them. So you will probably notice such a trend in this list.

Almost every game on this list was loved by critics, but not-so-loved by gamers. Needless to say, not every gamer disliked these titles, but a fair share did. A number of these games ended up being adored years later. Fans eventually came to appreciate (or overlook) the changes that they initially opposed.

Are the games you love on this list? Were you one of the ones who hated them at launch? Read on and find out!

Published Aug. 22nd 2015

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