Time To Level Up. Try This Pokemon-Inspired Workout At Your Local Gym

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Working hard to get abs harder than a Metapod? Want to run as fast as a Rapidash? Looking to get that beach body before summer hits? Or do you just need something to shake up your normal training routine? We've got your back. We here at GameSkinny have been all across Kanto, and we've come up with a workout that will leave you more ripped than a Machamp, assuming you can defeat all the gym leaders. Each slide in this article features links to websites where you can visualize the exercises before you perform them, so you can make sure you're exercising safely and effectively. Remember, always use a spotter, and if you're too tired to continue, don't push yourself too hard. We wouldn't want you fainting on us. That said, go ahead. Train on. Soon you'll be more cut than HM01.

Published May. 9th 2016

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