7 more games that should follow World of Warcraft to Hollywood (with dream casts)

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It seems that some things never change - broken PC ports, war, and terrible movies based on video games, for example. But while Arkham Knight has shown that we PC gamers still occasionally have to endure some mockery from our console cousins, and Fallout 4 continues to lament War’s unchanging nature, the recent Warcraft trailer has given people hope that we may soon see the end of atrocious Hollywood interpretations of video games.  

Yes, movies based on video games have had a long and, at times, frankly horrific history. If you ignore the animated entries, what titles would be in a top five? In my mind, the original Mortal Kombat is still the best the genre has to offer, so that would leave (very arguably) Silent Hill, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider and the first Resident Evil; not exactly stellar stuff. Things get much, much worse when you look at the worst examples - Dead or Alive, Double Dragon, House of the Dead, Postal, and, of course, Alone the Dark, a movie that resulted in the 'lord of all that is balls,’ aka Uwe Boll, being charged with crimes against humanity (probably). It took poor Christian Slater 10 years to get his career back on track - thanks to ‘Mr. Robot’ - after this total bilge almost ruined him.

But back to the matter in hand; seeing as Warcraft does actually look like it will be pretty good, and assuming this trend will continue, what video games should also get the Hollywood treatment? Here’s a list of some titles that would make the transfer seamlessly – unless Uwe gets his grubby hands on them and produces another turd. There are also some suggestions as to who should play the heroes and villains from the games.

Published Nov. 10th 2015

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