Super Dragon Ball Heroes Coming to Switch Soon

Dimps-developed Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will let fans play the hugely popular arcade card game on their newest Nintendo platform.

Announced in the latest issue of Japanese manga magazine V Jump, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes franchise is making its way to Switch with Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

Dimps, known for its work on the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai trilogy, is leading development.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is centered around collecting physical trading cards. These cards are scanned by a Heroes arcade machine, which gives a digital life to the heroes depicted on the cards and allows them to engage in battle against computer-generated enemies.

These battles play out like a table-top game, with players strategically moving cards across the screen that scans them to attack their foes.

With World Mission, the two separate screens that are required for scanning cards and displaying their digital representation will be condensed into the Switch's single screen.

The cards from Super Dragon Ball Heroes 1 through Super Dragon Ball Heroes 8 and those from Super Dragon Ball Heroes 1 and Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2 will be useable with World Mission, giving players access to more than 1,160 cards and 350 characters for 7 vs. 7 battling.

A release date for the game has not yet been confirmed, but fans can expect more information as they celebrate Dragon Ball Heroes' eighth anniversary this November.



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Published Oct. 18th 2018

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