Hearthstone: 15 Best Scholomance Academy Cards for Standard

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Forest Warden Omu

Kun the Forgotten King is back! Well, at least the mana refreshing part.

Forest Warden Omu is a great legendary card that will let Big Druid players execute very powerful combos as soon as they reach 10 mana.

Here's how you can utilize Forest Warden Omu on turn 10:

  1. Play Garden Gnome (activated)
  2. Play Forest Warden Omu
  3. Activate Spellburst with Embiggen, Innervate, or Moonfire
  4. Cast Survival of the Fittest

As a result, you will have a 9/8 minion, a 6/7 minion, and two 6/6 treants. That should be enough power to kill your opponent next turn if your opponent is out of board clears.


These are the best 15 cards from Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy set. For more Hearthstone tips and card lists, be sure to head over to our guides and lists page

Published Aug. 3rd 2020

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