The 7 Best Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO

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The Generation 2 update for Pokemon GO is rumored to hit Android and iOS devices this month. With it comes over 100 new Pokemon to collect and slot into your team.

We know you're already planning which new Pokemon you'll train up for competitive battling. After carefully analyzing the original Gen 2 games, Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, we've unearthed the Pokemon we believe will have the maximum possible CP (Combat Power) in Pokemon GO when the new update finally hits.

Since it's unlikely that Legendary Pokemon will be available at game start, we've deliberately excluded them from this list. Of course, you can still expect Generation 2 Legendaries to be among the best Pokemon around, so don't let that mislead you into believing there's nothing better.

The following Pokemon are tough enough to go toe-to-toe with the top Legendaries in the game. Read on to discover the best Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Published Dec. 4th 2016

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