Sniper Elite V3 is Now Supporting AMD's Mantle

The most recent update for Sniper Elite V3 now supports AMD Mantle. This also coincides with the latest driver update (Catalyst™ 14.9 WHQL).

Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite V3's latest update gives it AMD Mantle support. This coincides with the latest update for the AMD Catalyst drivers (version 14.9 WHQL).

What is Mantle?

Mantle API is a driver built directly into the AMD Catalyst software.

Usually when data is processed, it has to translated and queued by the CPU, to then be pushed to the GPU. However, this is time and resource consuming. Mantle seeks to mitigate CPU resource conspumtion by allowing applications to speak directly to the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit, or Graphics Card), if the GPU in question is using the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. This allows developers to squeeze more performance out of the GPU, and makes GPU upgrades slightly more impactful over time. This API looks to grant gamers the ability to run games at a slightly higher quality setting, while the frame rates stay the same. Or if the settings are already maxed out, it will increase your frame rate.

You may have heard of GCN from the Xbox One or PS4, as they use an AMD APU.

Read more on Mantle directly from AMD here.

Why Mantle?

Well the Head of Programming, Kevin Floyer-Lea has written a pretty in-depth article as to exactly why, and what benefits it will bring. One such reason is:

“This brings the PC closer to console programming, where developers are used to having direct control over available resources and squeezing the most out the hardware.

He later adds:

Whatever else may happen with Mantle in the future, it’s most definitely kick-started a move to more lightweight APIs”

This is in reference the multiple recent announcements, of other graphics related APIs, which are taking a similar approach to resources handling. Most notably these are Microsoft’s DirectX 12, Apple’s Metal, and Khronos’ Next Generation OpenGL initiative.

 Obscurance Fields are used for creating soft shadows in more natural places, between legs, on walls among many other places. With Mantle more AMD hardware will be able to run smoothly with this on.

Closing Facts

  • Update 1.11 for Sniper Elite V3 is now available for PC on Steam.
  • The update includes Mantle support and new Benchmark modes for both Mantle and DX11.
  • Mantle requires supporting hardwareAMD Catalyst™ 14.9, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (Windows 8 users can update to 8.1 for free).

What do you think about AMD Mantle? Is it the next new thing, or just a craze?

Find Sniper Elite V3 on Steam here.

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Published Oct. 2nd 2014

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