Music Theory 101: Games & Piano

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I love video game music. It isn't the trailers that get me to play a game as much as it is the soundtrack behind it. In that sense, I think that the best date someone could have taken me on would have been two tickets to the London Philharmonic Orchestra when they were playing "The Greatest Video Game Music" session.

But rather than paying the cost to fly halfway across the world to attend the concert, there is a cheaper alternative to being able to listen to what I love -- by learning how to play it. As an added bonus, you'll have something to brag to your friends about.

It's also something that you can add to a resume, along with cooking, to attract potential dates. This might be a horrible reason to learn how to do anything, but it works.

So I put together a list of songs that you can learn how to play on the piano, ranged from easy to hard. I know a few of them, and I'm personally working on the rest. (Although, for the really hard ones I might bribe a friend to play for me.)

So lets start with something simple but gorgeous, "An End, once and for all" from Mass Effect 3.

Published Apr. 17th 2016
  • Autumn Fish
    Featured Correspondent
    I used to know how to play To Zanarkand and Brothers. I haven't played piano in so many years, though, and I've been too discouraged to try and pick it up again. This article is tempting me to jump back on it. I'm hesitent, though. Building back up from rusty is so daunting it makes me want to give up on my dream of ever becoming a VGM composer.
  • Sagger Khraishi
    Featured Contributor
    For me I play by listening, I can't read notes as much as when I was younger. But I like following Atin's play style, because the way he makes the videos really helps with learning. And it's worth keeping that kind of skill anyways
  • Autumn Fish
    Featured Correspondent
    Yeah, when I'm not being totally down on myself for what I lost, I have been learning what I can by ear. I know that knowing how to play by ear really helps when composing. I've been learning from and they seem to have a really good program.

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